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About Us

Boro Bazaar Classifieds (BBC) is an online marketplace where anyone can sell or buy almost anything. This site has a strong and growing community of users who trade in a wide range of item categories including Electronics, Cameras, Phones, Computers, CDs, Mobiles, Clothing, Accessories, Music, and Travel.

Our Mission

Boro Bazaar Classifieds (BBC)  aspires to continuously shape the Internet revolution by building the largest person-to-person trading community around the globe. We will do so by offering the best consumer experience in an environment driven by high performance, constant innovation, teamwork and opportunity for wealth creation. Our mission is to provide an e-trading platform, where practically anyone can trade practically anything.

Our Beliefs

We believe people are basically good.

We recognize and respect everyone as a unique individual.

We believe everyone has something to contribute.

We encourage people to treat others the way they want to be treated themselves.


Our Vision

Boro Bazaar Classifieds (BBC) is creating a place where people can offer goods for sale and anyone in the world can buy at a fair price. It will be a market of people, where your next-door neighbor can compete with a large corporation and have an equal chance of success. It will be a place that constantly adapts and improves to meet the needs of buyers and sellers. Trust, honesty and efficiency will be rewarded. In the end, our market will be so large and open that you will be able to find almost anything you can imagine.


Global Online Marketplace

People from all over the world buy and sell on Boro Bazaar Classifieds.  People come to Boro Bazaar Classifieds (BBC) to buy and sell items in an array of categories from art and collectibles to practical items like used cars, mobile phones, laptops, clothing, books, CDs, and electronics. Boro Bazaar Classifieds (BBC) is the place to buy what you want, sell what you have, and make new friends while you are at it. Our online community of thousands of users that let you connects with people who share your interest.